Captain Vladimir Lagunov

Captain Vladimir Lagunov


Captain Vladimir Lagunov is the captain of the spaceship, SS Love and Peace.

​His name means water barrel, but maybe vodka barrel would be more suited, as he is a vodka dependent lifeform. Born in Moscow on the 1st of January 1940 (a true Russian Christmas baby), Vladimir served in the Russian air force ​for over 40 years as a cook at a military base in Siberia. His vast experience with food and drink will serve him well as the captain.

Vladimir is a man of few needs with only three hobbies: drinking, eating and fighting. As far as music is concerned, he only listens to the Beatles, especially their hit single ‘Back in the USSR’, for obvious reasons. At the tender age of 24 Vlad saw the James Bond movie Goldfinder for the first time and hasn’t stopped watching it since.

His overriding ambition is to celebrate his 100th birthday on the SS Love and Peace, as the captain. That is to say, if he manages to survive his 10th liver transplant.